Hypochlorite generators of superior quality.


System Capacity

Electrichlor offers a variety of hypochlorite generators that adapt to every capacity and budgetary need. Each series of our hypochlorite generators supplies a cost-effective method of converting salt water (either brine or seawater) into sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), by applying a low voltage DC current to the saltwater as it passes through our patented cell technology.


Compact and economical


Small footprint, simple to operate


Modular, robust, great operational cost. 

ELC Series

Production Capacity: 1 kg/h – 2 kg/h

The ELC Series is our most compact unit.  Its small footprint gives the client a great value for their money with the same reliability and capacity that all Electrichlor systems are known for. The system is designed to allow for doubling of output capacity without having to reconfigure the skid.


Production Capacity: 2 kg/h – 8 kg/h

The ELA Series offers a small footprint generator featuring the same robust cell technology that is utilized in all of Electrichlor’s systems. The ELA Series offers different control panel options by allowing for the integration of the control panel into a new or on-site Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system without requiring any special reconfiguration, thereby more efficiently adapting to the needs of your project.​


Production Capacity: 6 kg/h – 32 kg/h

Electrichlor’s ELX Series represents our most robust lineup of hypochlorite generators. Its modular design allows the user to upgrade the capacity of the generator with ease. With all the necessary parts on site, increasing the capacity of the system can be done in less than 45 minutes and with the minimal training of onsite personnel. The different configurations that this Series offers provides great project adaptability.​

Custom Solutions

Production Capacity: 32 kg/h – ∞ kg/h

Electrichlor offers custom solutions to their clients by not limiting the capacity of their expandable product lines. Numerous projects around the globe have effectively been implemented, adapting to client’s capacity needs up to 150 kg/h. Let Electrichlor’s engineering team work with you on your next custom project; we will consider your budget, capacity needs, and any special factors required to propose the best system for your project.​

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