Hypochlorite generators of superior quality.


Early 2001
Sir Barrie Bentley creates Electrichlor Inc., based in Indiana as a sole entity focused on manufacturing hypochlorite generators for different applications all around the world
Sir Barrie Bentley applies for a patent in the innovative long-life tubular cell design that still up to this date runs in Electrichlor's generators.
Electrichlor’s changes its name to Electrichlor Hypochlorite Generators, Inc.
In conjunction with Dr. Kent D. Henry, Electrichlor manufactures a Ballast Water System for the United States Navy.
SNC Lavalin, in conjunction with Minera Boleo acquires an EL12-4KG, rated capacity of 48 Kg/hr to be commissioned in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.
Nova Scotia Power acquires an EL18-4KG, rated capacity of 72 Kg/hr, to be commissioned in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Under the management of Dr. Kent D. Henry and in conjunction with Sir Barrie Bentley and a new technical team, Electrichlor, LLC is born and relocated to the State of Wyoming.
In response to new International Marine Organization (IMO) regulations for ballast water treatment, Envirocleanse contracts Electrichlor as their authorized OEM for the InTank Ballast Water Treatment System.
NClear, a leader in environmental technologies, acquires Electrichlor.​

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