Hypochlorite generators of superior quality.

About Electrichlor

Our Mission

Electrichlor’s commitment is to provide our customers with hypochlorite generators of superior quality, manufactured from the best materials for the longest life possible even in the toughest environments.​

Our Vision

To establish Electrichlor as a world leading manufacturer and provider of On-Site Hypochlorite Generators.

About Us​

Electrichlor was founded in August 2001 and did business as Electrichlor Hypochlorite Generators Incorporated (EHGI), based in Nappanee Indiana, from 2001 through 2016. In January 2017 the original founder of EHGI put together a new management and technical team leading to the formation of Electrichlor, LLC based in the Laramie, Wyoming.​

​​Since the reincorporation in 2017, with Dr. Kent Henry as President, Electrichlor has primarily focused their efforts on Research and Development (R&D). ​ In addition to Electrichlor, Dr. Henry is also the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NClear. Dr. Henry earned his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Cornell University. During his experience at Cornell, he worked with theoretical and applied techniques associated with vacuum and atmospheric ionization for biological mass spectrometry. Dr. Henry has over thirty years of experience in technical contribution and project management related to the design and development of scientific instrumentation. He has performed these capacities for both large companies, such as Hewlett‐Packard/Agilent Technologies, and for mid‐size and small companies, such as Finnigan and In‐Situ. To date, Dr. Henry has been awarded over $6M in research grants; over $3M in SBIRs and has been issued 22 patents.

​Electrichlor’s hypochlorite generators are known for their high-efficiency leading to systems that are small in footprint and very power efficient. The key to the technology is the patented electrolytic cell, the main component of our manufactured units. Electrichlor is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.​

In February 2021, NClear acquired Electrichlor. Electrichlor is an NClear technology (www.NClear.us).

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