Electrichlor designs and makes equipment for maritime industries with conformance to ABS, IEEE, NEMA. We have several hypochlorite generators operating in the north Pacific on board Trawlers and Processors that have had great success with our equipment and support. We understand the importance of keeping production equipment running at all times and the luxury of the repairman making an emergency call is not an option. Our support staff is ready to help and are willing to stay with you to solve any problems that arise.

There are several advantages to having our hypochlorite generators on board vessels. These include:

  • Small footprint. EHGI units have replaced units more than twice its size. A recent testimony from a factory processing vessel said the EL2-Micro (32”L x 32”W x 52”H) replaced a previous unit that was ten feet long! This is an instant savings of cost in real estate and exhibits the matter of feasibility when replacing existing systems or installing for the first time.
  • Self-contained unit that doesn’t need extra placement of power supply or acid cleaning system.
  • Simple installation: 3-phase power and 3 ANSI flanges (incoming seawater, hypochlorite discharge and single drain outlet).
  • No storage of chlorine in gas, liquid or powder form, which is are very aggressive oxidizers.
  • Calcium removal can be performed using on-board descaling agents already familiar to most operators.
  • Patented technology that is proven robust and compact.
  • Excellent return on investment (ROI).

Testimonial – An Email from Lawrence Bunting Chief Engineer
Well, we have about 6 hours on the system now with warmer water and it is holding steady as a rock at (It turns out we are making 2.7 PPM at 820amps and 23.5 volts, QC could not be happier.) 820 amps and 23.5 volts. I had to reduce the amperage a little because there was too much chlorine for them! That made me really feel good, because all the old timers here kept telling me how much too small the unit was to do the job, after all, the old one was 10 feet long and took constant attention, yadda, yadda, yadda. At any rate, I think we are making believers out of them now. Everybody seems to be happy now. In view of the fact that this little project was my own I had a lot riding on this, so I was rather hyper about it working. I feel very good about the end result. Thank you all again. Larry