Electrichlor designs and makes equipment for maritime industries with conformance to ABS, IEEE, NEMA. We have several hypochlorite generators operating in the north Pacific on board Trawlers and Processors that have had great success with our equipment and support. We understand the importance of keeping production equipment running at all times and the luxury of the repairman making an emergency call is not an option. Our support staff is ready to help and are willing to stay with you to solve any problems that arise.

Some of the marine applications include:

  • Workboats. EHGI make very compact units able to fit in tight quarters with minimal pipework.
  • Fishing and Processing Vessels. EHGI provides units that have very low maintenance.
  • Tankers. EHGI makes small units for point of use applications.
  • Liners. EHGI provides treatment for waste water treatment.
  • Oil and gas offshore platforms. EHGI provides water treatment for intermittent (fire system) and water/wastewater treatment.
  • FPSO’s. EHGI provides entire platform treatment including well charging.