Electrichlor electrolytic cells are highly efficient due to the patented monopolar, multipass circular configuration that allows a progressively longer residence time for the adsorption of Cl- into the outgoing hypochlorite solution. Electrichlor electrodes have an even current density over all anode and cathode surfaces due to the unique physical and electrical design which further enhances the overall efficiency of the Electrichlor electrolytic cell, promoting long anode life. Anodes are coated with a patented mixed metal oxide containing a special blend of precious metals including Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium.

All Electrichlor electrolytic cells are guaranteed against defective parts for 18 months from startup and for 5 years for the MMO anode coating under normal operating conditions. Each Electrichlor® cell is guaranteed to produce its rated capacity of sodium hypochlorite in normal seawater at less than 4.5kW/kg of equivalent chlorine. The flow rate through each cell in seawater is set to deliver the 2000mg/liter of equivalent chlorine.

Problems inherent to FLAT PLATE CELLS

1.   Titanium is an extremely poor conductor of electricity.  There is a voltage drop across the plate which causes the current (which is proportional to voltage – Ohm’s Law) to be lower in those areas where the voltage is lower. With the flat plate cells the current is higher around the edges than in the center of the plate which causes higher and uneven wear rates where there is more current. Especially if the electrolytic cell is of the bi-polar type.

2.   There is uneven scale build up due to uneven current densities in flat plate cells. Scale build up is directly proportional to the current density resulting in greater scale deposits where there are higher current densities. This means that flat plate cells tend to require more frequent cleaning.  If the cell is not acid cleaned effectively, the MMO coating on the anodes can fail prematurely.




1.   In the Electrichlor tubular cell, the DC voltage is connected from opposite ends which means that the voltage drop along each anode tube and each cathode tube is equal and opposite. The result is that current densities on the surface of all anodes and cathodes are identical. This also means the wear rate of the MMO coating is equal over all anode surfaces resulting in an extra long life with an even build up of scale. Electrichlor provides a 5 year guarantee for the MMO coating on the anodes; however the actual life will be in excess of 10 years in many cases.

2.  In Electrichlor’s tubular design, the seawater flow inside the cell, from end to end, tends to be more laminar than in a flat plate design. This, together with the turbulence caused by the seawater change in direction from the inner tube to the next larger tube, restricts scale build up at the ends of the tubes and therefore prevents the scale bridging cathode to anode. Also as the flow is linear and tangential to the scale the cell tends to be “Self Cleaning”.

Another advantage of our tubular cells is they are compact, which means that our units have a smaller footprint and have replaced units twice more than twice its size.