Electrichlor electrolytic cells are highly efficient due to the patented monopolar, multipass circular configuration that allows a progressively longer residence time for the adsorption of Cl- into the outgoing hypochlorite solution. Electrichlor electrodes have an even current density over all anode and cathode surfaces due to the unique physical and electrical design which further enhances the overall efficiency of the Electrichlor electrolytic cell, promoting long anode life. Anodes are coated with a patented mixed metal oxide containing a special blend of precious metals including Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium.

All Electrichlor electrolytic cells are guaranteed against defective parts for 18 months from startup and for 5 years for the MMO anode coating under normal operating conditions. Each Electrichlor® cell is guaranteed to produce its rated capacity of sodium hypochlorite in normal seawater at less than 4.5kW/kg of equivalent chlorine. The flow rate through each cell in seawater is set to deliver the 2000mg/liter of equivalent chlorine.

Each hypochlorite generator is manufactured for “Stand Alone” service and therefore is equipped with an individual control system. This means that in locations where multiple units are installed, each unit can be operated independently and individually from its control station or from a remote location over the customer’s DCS system.

The control cubicle is equipped with a PLC and an easy to read color touch screen with graphic pages for operator interface and operation.